I debuted my Siren at ColossalCon 2016. The design focuses feminine beauty and the allure the Sirens of mythology. The Siren would use her music and body to lure sailors into her home, before revealing her true nature to be that of a cold-blooded killer, and eating them.




I made a tail and matching scale bra from a beautiful blue metallic spandex fabric I found. The scales on the bra are individually made from a base of craft foam wrapped in the spandex fabric and attached to a self-adhesive bra. I also added a shell in the middle of the scale bra cups to tie the whole look together and cover the clasp that holds the bra together. To tie the whole look together, I made a seashell crown to adorn my voluminous black wig. 



I also made a pair of shark teeth from plastic and fake nails that I could break out to show my true nature! I heated some thermoplastic pellets and made a pair of dentures by forming the hot plastic to my teeth and letting it cool. Once I had the dentures, I cut some false nails to the shape of fangs, glued them to the dentures, and painted them to look bloody.