Sometimes I write little posts about new costumes, how I made certain props or pieces, or what i did at a con I went to! 

Katsucon in a Nutshell

Selfie collage! And this is only half my selfies, too!

Selfie collage! And this is only half my selfies, too!

A preview of our Tracer and Emily duo shoot!

A preview of our Tracer and Emily duo shoot!

Reptar:  Koi Fish Asylum , Chuckie:  Dollilicious , Phil: Me, Lil:  Boyfriend Cosplay & Photography , Tommy:  Monica   Photo taken by  David Ngo

Reptar: Koi Fish Asylum, Chuckie: Dollilicious, Phil: Me, Lil: Boyfriend Cosplay & Photography, Tommy: Monica

Photo taken by David Ngo

Katsucon has been one of my favorite cons since the first one I attended in 2015. I love to go and show off my new costumes and oogle at the craftsmanship of all my friends' costumes. Plus, the area is beautiful so I always get lots of really pretty photos of my cosplays. It's also wonderful to hang out with friends I don't get to see very often and get cute selfies, which is why I've affectionately dubbed it SelfieCon.

This Katsucon was no exception, I had an absolutely amazing time every second I was on the con floor or walking around National Harbor. The weather was gorgeous, 60+ all weekend, which is a stark contrast to Massachusetts where we just had two blizzards. I spent at least half the weekend outside, shooting on the beaches or at the wheat grass or on the lawn. 

I spent half the day Friday with my friend Element Cosplay since she was cosplaying as Yennifer. We took some really beautiful Witcher photos together and I'm excited to start editing them and show the world! I don't get to see her very often so I was really happy to spend a lot of time with her. She's just so sweet and wonderful! 

A good portion of the rest of the weekend was spent with one of my good friends Mink. She brought her Ninetales on Saturday, and we made an adorable Vulpix/Ninetales duo. To end the con weekend, we did a casual Tracer and Emily couple cosplay and were the cutest lesbians ever! We got some super cute photos of both the duos that I can hardly wait to work on and post.

I also did a Rugrats group with the famed Dollilicious, who I go to school with, and Koi Fish Asylum and Monica who I got to meet for the first time, and they were absolute sweethearts! We took lots of photos and did a music video, and I am really excited to see the finished product!

I am so glad I got to get so many group/duo photos with my friends. I had an absolute blast just hanging out and having fun with people I hardly get to see, and meeting new cosplayers and photographers is always a treat! I made some new friends and bonded with old friends, and it was wonderful. Some friends I only saw for a few minutes and selfied with, and if I listed them all we'd be here all day, but I was so happy to see all their beautiful costumes and photography. 

Really, my only regret is that we didn't get a room at the Gaylord this year. I ended up in a hotel not in walking distance which was a bummer, but I made it work. Johnny and I have vowed to get an atrium room next year like we did in 2016, because we LOVED the room and really missed staying at the con center!

Overall, Katsucon 2017 was probably my best Katsucon yet! I was so proud of all my costumes and loved hanging out with everyone! If you've never been to Katsu, I highly recommend adding it to your con list next year!