Sometimes I write little posts about new costumes, how I made certain props or pieces, or what i did at a con I went to! 

Popstar Riven-- League of Legends Cosplay Write-Up!

Concept art drawn by the very talented  Loiza塗鴉牆

Concept art drawn by the very talented Loiza塗鴉牆


Popstar Riven is an unofficial skin design (meaning it isn't actually a skin in the game!) drawn by the amazingly talented Loiza塗鴉牆. I really liked the concept, and Riven is one of my favorite League characters (even though I can't play her very well), so I had a lot of fun making this cosplay! 

This was one of the earlier cosplays I made myself, back before I had entered fashion design school, so I was still learning how to sew. I wanted to use lots of shiny fabrics to match the bold colors of the character design. I used some purple sateen for the jacket and the hat, which is super hard to work with if you've never used it before because it slides everywhere! I also used ribbon along the outside of the jacket, though now that I've taken design classes I know I should have used bias tape instead!. The shoulder armor, gauntlet, and headphone were made out of EVA foam and craft foam. The belt and small heart details around the costume and on the shoes were made from craft foam. 


My dad and I made my sword using some acrylic plexiglass for the blade! We cut it out with an electric saw and sanded the edges down to smooth it out. We used some green foam to carve out the shape of the hilt using a Dremel and a jig saw, making two halves to fit on either side of the plexiglass sword, and glued them all together and sanded it smooth. We sealed the foam with gesso and painted using spray paint and acrylic paint. The grip on the handle is actually what they use to wrap tennis rackets! 


Even though this costume is pretty old now and I've learned a lot of new techniques, this is still one of my favorite cosplays! It's just so colorful and I'm really proud of how the sword came out, especially since it was our first time using plexiglass!

Photos were taken by Jason Freeman Photography.