Sometimes I write little posts about new costumes, how I made certain props or pieces, or what i did at a con I went to! 

Mini Tutorial! Ciri's Belt -- The Witcher


Thought I'd do a little tutorial on how I made my belt for my Ciri cosplay, which is almost done and will debut at Katsucon 2017. I plan to make a second tutorial on her sword which will go up on Patreon soon! 

But I thought this would would be a fun little write-up on one of the pieces that took me a while to figure out how to make, but honestly it's one of my favorite parts of her costume! So without further adeu, let's get into it!


Step one was making the clay prototype of one jewelry piece. I used the Crayola air dry clay, which is really good for modeling because it dries super fast and is easy to sand and fill in with more clay, but it's also very fragile so you don't want to use it for a final piece. 


After that, I created a silicone mold of the clay using Smooth-On, a personal favorite of mine. After letting it harden, I started casting!

Smooth-On also makes a really good casting plastic, it dries in six minutes and it's super durable, so I used it to cast eight of her jewelry pieces. This stuff is also super easy to sand, takes pant really well, and pops out of the mold super easily. 

You can see I messed up on this first cast and had to fill in the mold a little, but it was an easy fix!

You can see I messed up on this first cast and had to fill in the mold a little, but it was an easy fix!

Once all the pieces were cast, I took them outside and hit em with a coat of silver metallic spray paint.

I attached these to a strip of faux leather, the same kind I used for my Ciri corset and accessories. It's a very durable fabric, and the whole thing is flexible and fits around my waist easily. I attached the pieces first with cyanoacrylate (super glue) so they wouldn't slide around, then drilled holes into the plastic and the fabric for the screws. 


I used some acorn nuts on the back of the screws so they would be nice and smooth against my corset (and my tummy!) and use some more glue on the back side to make sure the screws don't slip out. 

I glued some gems I got from Michaels to the belt pieces, which also cover up the screws and help hold them in place. I then took some black and brown matte paints to the silver pieces and weathered them, making them look dirty and more three-dimensional. 

I put some snaps on either side of the belt so I can put it on and take it off very easily, and then it was all done!

Hopefully this helps you if you want to make any pieces like this, or it was interesting to see what I do to make an individual piece for my costumes! A lot of time and love goes into these babies so hopefully you like em! 

Let me know if you guys want to see more mini-tutorials like this in the future!