I'm Azumii!


I am a New England based cosplayer, model, and recent university graduate with a BS in Fashion Design & Retailing! I love to sew and craft costumes, build huge props, and model my designs at conventions and events. My passions are burlesque and burlesque style costumes, complicated prop designs and builds, and cosplay boudoir. 
My dad got me into video games at a very young age, and I've been playing all sorts of them ever since! I grew up addicted to Guild Wars and World of Warcraft, and I still totally am, though I now split my time between gaming, work, and design. I cosplay mainly from video games because I love being able to bring characters from my favorite games to life!  
I've been cosplaying since middle school, almost a decade now, though I only started seriously making my own costumes and props about 4 years ago. I taught myself how to make props, and with the help of my dad, have made a huge variety of cosplay props in our little garage-turned-workshop. Cosplay is the reason I taught myself to sew, and why I discovered my love for costume and fashion design! 
I try to explore a wide range of characters and designs through my art! I love being able to portray myself and my favorite characters in so many different ways, from sexy to cool to just plain cute. I also love turning some of my favorite characters into more fashion-worthy designs. I've done a lot of this in my Yu-Gi-Oh! ballgown series, where I designed a handful of Duel Monsters as ballgowns, and am now doing the same thing with a few World of Warcraft characters. I'm also working on hoodies, jackets, and various fantasy designs. I hope to add those designs to my portfolio soon!
Thank you for taking the time to visit my page!